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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Re: [opensuse] Seriously thinking to switch to LinuxMint 15
Il 07/11/2013 15:47, Dimstar / Dominique Leuenberger ha scritto:
On Thu, 2013-11-07 at 15:37 -0200, Marco Calistri wrote:
Just curios:

Why openSUSE decided to ship something broken?

Sometimes it's better to know about something not working as opposed to
believe it works and won't be maintainable.

May be 13.1 should keep RC status until all broken stuff being ajusted,
or not?

ALL broken stuff? Uff.. that will be hard :)

I think as long as the message is clear that if you rely on BT and run
KDE, there is a chance it won't work, it's a great statement. Together
with Fedora we're pushing hard to make the full bluez5 stack work asap.

Hi Dominique!

Would like to underline that mine was not a flame nor a critic against
the developers of openSUSE!

It is possible that many of the problems faced during the build of a new
distribution release are not always known by the mass of users.

I have heard about the Bluetooth stack issue but I was not confident
about the fact that 13.1 will include it unconditionally, despite being

[May be it is not possible to use older BT-stack along with new kernel
and libs].

I prefer Gnome versus KDE, despite that new environment of G version 3.0
and beyond doesn't represents any more my ideal of DE (for this reason I
installed MATE).

Thanks and good luck!

Marco Calistri (amdturion)
opensuse 12.3 (Dartmouth) 64 bit - Kernel 3.7.10-1.16-desktop Gnome 3.8.3
Intel® Core™ i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz × 4 - Intel® Sandybridge Mobile
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