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Re: [opensuse-gnome] 12.1 is done, what's next? :-)
  • From: Steven Sroka <sroka.steven@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 16:15:34 -0500
  • Message-id: <>
On 17 November 2011 09:01, Richard Brown <rdb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Stuff I'd like to see us think about

1 - Sonar theme in there and possibly as default - as great as -shell
looks normally I like the idea of openSUSE being different from the

I don't hold much weight here but here is my 2 cents:

I don't like Sonar myself, but I can tell others do. There is a
sizeable amount of people who like Sonar and who don't like Sonar.
Because the default theme is one of the distinguishing features of a
distro and I believe not enough thought is put into it (I could be
wrong) we should have an official vote on whether we keep Sonar as the
default theme or change it.

I'd like to propose two things
1. A 5 question (read "very short") questionnaire thats asks users
what they want in a default theme
2. A poll that gives the user approximately 3 to 5 themes to choose from.

My Plan:
- Ask users (including developers and all stakeholders in openSUSE
Gnome) what they would like in a theme. For example:
1. Do we need a theme change?
2. If so, should the theme be the same as upstreams?
3. If not, should it be similar or should it be completely different?
4. Should the new theme be a light theme or dark theme?
5. <insert useful question here>

- Leave the short questionnaire open for a significant amount of time
(2-3 weeks), so that _everyone_ has the ability to vote (even if they
are on vacation)
- Find some themes based on what our users want! For example if the
majority of users answer like this:
1. No new theme.
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. N/A

Our work is done - we keep Sonar as default :)


-> Yes, a new theme please.
-> Not the same as upstreams.
-> Completely different theme.
-> Dark theme

Now we take the results and find the 5 best, completely new, and
dark (green) themes that I can find based on those results and create
a poll asking which should be the default.

I believe that this is fair, open, and brings attention to our distro.
If we ask, we will receive.

Note: this is a perfect time to look at the theme. We can't change it
anytime we want because we need to be consistent. Therefore, a serious
vote by the community is highly needed (which is why I stress the
questionnaire should be short, so users enjoy voting).

</end rant>

2 - Extensions - as happy as I am with alt-status-menu installed by
default, it does feel like a dirty little cludge and changes the field of play.
Points I want us to consider for 12.2 - How should we package extensions
in the future? how can we encourage people to use extensions.o.o? can we
still install extensions globally and set them by default? If a packaged
and default extension like alt-status-menu doesn't make sense in this
new world, how do we educate about the Alt key - do we need a first run
splash like KDE?

3. Options - the never ending GNOME push for simplification isn't
totally bad but I find myself annoyed at some options I feel are
'missing' in 3.2 - for example no longer being able to change what my
power button does without hacking into dconf-editor.
As a distro that generally caters for a more technical user is this
wholly bad, or can we find a way to re-expose a number of these
settings? is adding them to advanced settings/Tweak tool the way to go?
Can we get tweak tool integrated into System Settings?

4. Online integration - what's the point of having twitter there when
nothing uses the setting? Is there a way we can expose epiphany's
awesome Web application feature without needing the user to run
epiphany? Could we use it to create pre-defined shortcuts that could
bring users to the various web applications of openSUSE (Forums, Paste,
Software search, etc?)

4.5 - If we can point people to http://software.o.o for epiphany, do we
need something like the Software Center, couldn't we just sex-up
software.o.o? (and in the process make something better for all openSUSE
users, not just GNOMErs)

I think I've got a few other things bubbling away that I'd like us to
think about but those are the top 4 that spring to mind..

Richard Brown
Systems Engineering Team Leader
City College Brighton and Hove
Vincent Untz  11/17/11 1:16 PM >>>
Hi all,

Unless you're living in some alternative reality, you've seen that 12.1
went out yesterday. We're getting some positive feedbacks (and also new

I want to thank everyone who helped integrate GNOME for this release: I
feel that it's the release where we got the most people helping out, and
that's amazing! Let's keep that spirit! Btw, "helping out" is not just
packaging / bug fixing, but it's really everything that contributes to
making the GNOME team a well alive group of people.

And now, what's next? 12.2 is going to be out around next July, and that
will include GNOME 3.4.x. But that's all we know for sure.

I'd love to hear what all of you would like us to achieve in the next 8
months. Of course we won't achieve everything, but setting a direction
can't hurt :-)

So, do you see this "reply" button in your mail client? Yes? Ok, click
on it and go wild!



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