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[opensuse-gnome] GNOME:Factory at 3.1.5
Hi Gnomies!

I just wanted to give you a heads up that last night, with the help of
mighty Darix, GNOME:Factory has been updated to version 3.1.5, which is
the latest release on the way to 3.2.

As always, 3.1.x is considered 'unstable', but in my experience it works
very well.

We will keep the packages for a few days in GNOME:Factory and hope to
hear of things breaking since the last update, sort those breaks out and
will forward the stack to openSUSE:Factory after that.

There are some changes on packaging level, coming from ABI and API

The noteworthy ones are (Mails with more details will follow for each of
* gnome-menus => Version 3.1.5 is ABI and API incompatible to the so
far included version 3.0.1. A compatibility package called
gnome-menus-legacy has been introduced.
* python-gobject (this is currenlty in GNOME:Factory AND also already in
devel:languages:python): python-gobject 2.90.x (on the road to 3.0)
changed from the 'old' gobject bindings to pure gobject-introspection
based bindings. Any application can only use one kind of binding at
once. As a migration path, the old version has been renamed to
python-gobject2 (as it was once in the past.. many packages still
buildrequire python-gobject2-devel). python-gobject is the new gi-based

Let's get the test systems up and rolling.. let's make sure everything
rocks our world!

Dominique / DimStar

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