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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Banshee in GNOME:Apps
Le jeudi 14 juillet 2011, à 22:12 +0100, Nelson Marques a écrit :
1. notify-sharp - This package needs to be patched to use dbus-sharp
and dbus-sharp-glib, I've done this already and it's on Mono and
- Vincent, can you file a change devel request from
GNOME:Apps/notify-sharp to Mono:Factory/notify-sharp? We have the
updated package already prepared. Talked with Stephen, it's ok that we
hold that package.

Done: 76369

FWIW, I've noticed we also have gsf-sharp and log4net in GNOME:Factory,
which are mono packages. Do you want to move them too? (note that
gsf-sharp seems to not be used anymore, so we could drop it instead)

- Stephen, any news with upstream to see if we can get that patch
upstreamed (or if that package is even maintained upstream?)?

2. I've submitted Banshee 2.1.0 to GNOME:Apps. Feel free to take
action, furthermore, do you also want to host
banshee-community-extensions on GNOME:Apps? Let me know so I can
submit it. With dbus-sharp and dbus-sharp-glib on oS:Factory, we're
cool, but would be neat we could handle 1. first so that we have it
all running cool.

Yes, please submit the extensions too.



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