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[opensuse-gnome] RFC: Update of GNOME patterns

One last step we need to complete to finish the GNOME 3 integration is
to update the patterns so that the LiveCD, the DVD and default installs
get the right stuff.

I've attached a patch to
and now is your last chance to comment :-)

Here's a summary of the changes:

- replace f-spot (recommended) with shotwell, as discussed within the
team; keep f-spot as suggested

- add new required packages: gnome-session-default-session,
=> they define the GNOME sessions, and bring required components

- complete list of recommended branding packages:
gdm-branding-openSUSE, gio-branding-openSUSE,
gnome-panel-branding-openSUSE, gtk3-branding-openSUSE,

- add new recommended packages: aisleriot, at-spi2-core,
gnome-tweak-tool, sushi
=> aisleriot was split from gnome-games
=> at-spi2-core is the new accessibility stack
=> gnome-tweak-tool is useful to most people
=> sushi is a nice previewer

- move recommended (or required) packages to suggested as they're not
as useful in GNOME 3: dasher, gconf-editor, gnome-applets, gnome-do,
gnome-main-menu, gnome-media, gtk2-engines, hamster-applet, paprefs,

- remove recommended packages related to theming:
gtk2-metatheme-sonar, fifth-leg-font, gtk2-engine-murrine
=> we changed the default theme, and the branding packages will
bring the right theming-related packages anyway

- keep gnome-applets recommended in the optional patterns (for DVD)

- remove mentions of GNOME 2 packages, that are not useful anymore:
at-spi, gnome-mag, gnome-themes, libgail-gnome

- add new suggested packages: evolution-exchange, evolution-groupwise,
frogr, grisbi, mangler, nautilus-actions, pinpoint, smuxi, synapse,

- rename packages, following changes: evolution-tracker to
tracker-miner-evolution, glade3 to glade

- remove mentions of removed packages: deskbar-applet,
glib2-branding-openSUSE, gnome-docker, gnome-speech-devel

- remove pinentry-gtk2: I'm not even sure why we have that

- remove explicit mentions of packages that will be brought in:
gnome-desktop, gtk2, metacity


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