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Re: [opensuse-gnome] I am confused......
On 18/06/11 17:10, Matthew Walton wrote:
On 18 June 2011 07:23, Basil Chupin<blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If I may just add this: the 'gnome-tweak' thingie I mentioned, which I found
mentioned on the (?)wiki page, is pretty close to useless. I would like to
get rid of all the shadows around the drop-down, eg, menus, and I would like
to select the fonts I like and their size - but this is not possible in this
tweak which I thought would do it for me.
My gnome-tweak-tool has fairly comprehensive font options,
unsurprisingly located under Fonts. Some of them seem to be new since
I last looked, but it's had font selection since the start.

Yes, it appears to be "comprehensive" but unlike in KDE or gnome2 there is no way to adjust the anti-aliasing, for example. I know that this last bit is elsewhere but this does not appear to behave as in the past.

Also, I am not able to configure
the gnome Terminal which is normally done by right-clicking on the Terminal
screen and selecting 'edit profile' (or something :-\ .)
Edit -> Profile Preferences
Right Click -> Profiles -> Profile Preferences

I have been doing this for years to get the mc (midnight commander) profile configuration to my liking and so I know about this.

But this is NOT available in the installation of gnome3 which I installed as per the way I stated I installed it in earlier posts.

It worked fine when I used the's gnome3 installation using the LIVE CD/DVD but it doesn't work using the 11.4 DVD from openSUSE 11.4 to install gnome which is then upgraded with the zypper dup method.


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