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Re: [opensuse-gnome] I am confused......
On 6/16/2011 at 01:11 PM, in message <4DF9B3BD.1000403@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Basil
Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
And many will comment with, "So tell us something new!"

But this time I really am.

Two weeks ago or so I installed Gnome3 from the site which had
gnome3 for openSUSE 11.4 (32-bit) version.

Here is what it looked like when told other people in another distro
what gnome3 on openSUSE likes like: .

I was using it and enjoying it - until a friend told me that there were
some new videos posted on YouTube, but I couldn't view them (using Firefox).

To cut a long story short, after 4 days of trying to fiddle with my
installation to be able to view ANY videos (be they on YouTube or I decided that the best way out was to re-install openSUSE
and take it from there.

So, this time 'round I installed Gnome from the openSUSE 11.4 DVD (NOT
the one from, did all the usual updates, then installed the
Gnome3 repos as mentioned in this list, did the "zypper dup" song and
dance act......and when I rebooted I was told that I couldn't run gnome3
and that the default gnome would be running instead. Nice, I thought,
worked OK for a week+ but now I am told I am in "deep poo-poos".

OK, I thought, the usual nVidia driver thing with openSUSE not detecting
that I have the ability to run the required graphics. So I install the
latest 275 nVidia driver downloaded directly from nVidia just like in
the past.....and what do I get?

I still have what appears to be the gnome 2.x appearance - but it isn't
quite the 2.x thingie because I am not able to hide the top/bottom
taskbars, for example.

What is most frustrating is that the APPLICATIONS>SYSTEM SETTINGS>SYSTEM
INFO is showing me that I have Gnome 3.0.2 installed - which is, to me,
obviously total horse-droppings.

The bottom line is: anyone know what I could be missing as a setting to
be able to see the Gnome3 desktop which I show in the picpaste
screenshot above? Or do I have to go back to and re-install
their version of openSUSE 11.4 with Gnome3 and throw out what openSUSE
itself has provided on their DVD + upgrades in Gnome3:/STABLE:/?

Probably some X driver issues is the cause if your fallback mode (which you
confused for GNOME 2.x) is logged in. If your hardware/driver is not supporting
3d acceleration, GNOME 3 logs into this fallback mode. The fallback mode is
_like_ gnome 2.x but does not allow to resize/hide panels.

You probably should file a bug stating that 3d acceleration is not working with
your card and that it used to work earlier. You can attach /var/log/Xorg.*.log
to the bug.

Any help to make me retain some mental sanity, and dignity, would be
greatly appreciated..... :-) .

Don't base your dignity and sanity on a community distribution. Get enterprise
Linux support for such critical tasks ;-)


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