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Re: [opensuse-gnome] [Stuttering sound on vlc SOLVED] Why won't vlc install in oS with Gnome?
OK, solved this sound problem - in the usual way <sigh> by getting rid
of that curse on sound called pulseaudio.

In openSUSE pulseaudio and alsa are inseparable in that you cannot
remove pulseaudio because alsa depends on pulseaudio for some unknown
reason unlike other distros (wot a marriage of workable with unworkable!
:'( .)

However, in YaST2's Audio settings you can (in "Other" options, bottom
right corner) for the sound card deselect "pulseaudio" - and this did
the trick. You will lose the volume control icon on the top bar but who
cares as long as the sound works correctly in vlc.

"Pulseaudio is a bug, a cockroach, someone please stomp on it!"

Can you please file a bug on this ?


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