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Re: [opensuse-gnome] 5 questions (for the moment at least....)
On 07/04/2011 18:24, Sankar P wrote:
(1) I like to have a totally clean workspace/desktop and therefore put all
the icons for the apps. I use on the top/bottom panels. In 11.4 I have done
this for all the apps, I normally run except that the icons for TRASH and
the HOME directory which cannot be deleted/moved to trash - the option is
greyed out on the drop down menu. How does one get rid of these icons so as
to have a totally clean workspace/desktop?
IIUC, you are looking for gnome3, right? sorry to break the news: There are
no panels. I suggest you give the existing live images a try to see how much
you like it.

As for gnome2, as you currently run and the question on how to remove TRASH
and HOME, this should be possible in gconf-editor in the location:
There are two booleans: home-icon_visible and trash_icon_visible. Switch
them to FALSE (remove the tick) and the icons will disappear.

In GNOME 3, the icons will not show by default.

"Not show by default" meaning that there is a way to make them operative?

In GNOME 2, playing
with gconf is one way and another shortcut is:

Thanks for this - I'll go and look at this blog.

One of the most annoying "bugs" with gnome (all distros it would appear) is that the date format displayed in the clock applet is always in the american format, month/date/year, and not what is used by the majority of the rest of the world: day/month/year; and the date format is supposed to be displayed according to your locale - but gnome simply refuses to do this and one then has to go and fiddle in the gconf-editor to reset the clock applet :-( .


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