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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Banshee in 11.4

Yeah, there's a catch. Banshee-community-extentions provides two
interesting extensions for GNOME:Ayatana packaged software:

1. Indicator support - achieved through libappindicator;
2. SoundMenu integration - recent libindicate changes make 1.8.0
extension crash banshee.

I get only two options for GNOME:Ayatana:

1. We break support between SoundMenu and Banshee (I am not really
fond of such option), or we backport (I have no knowledge to achieve
2. We update to 1.9.1 which should be compliant with new libindicate;

That's the reason why I asked. From my side, I would love to offer
full integration between Banshee and SoundMenu/AppIndicator, but I'm
being really cornered here by options.

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