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[opensuse-gnome] Packaging Zeitgeist and Gnome-shell
Hi, all,

I've been working on packaging the Zeitgeist stack and Gnome-shell.

Zeitgeist is a project to log what you've been doing - which documents
you have edited, which web sites you have visited, which IM
conversations you have had - and to then let you query that information.
This of course needs a nice, graphical journal browser.

There is now a branch for Gnome-shell which integrates a journal into
the shell's overview.

While we have a package for zeitgeist, kindly packaged by dimstar, we
lack all the rest of the Zeitgeist stack - the data providers, the
datahub, etc.

I'm packaging all of this in


So far it's being built for openSUSE 11.3 and Factory. For 11.3 I had
to pull in a newer Glib, as libzeitgeist wants gdbus and that doesn't
exist in the version of Glib that comes originally with 11.3.
Thankfully, just replacing your Glib with the one that is in my
repository works fine; nothing seems to break.

I'm not an experienced packager, so the packages in that repository
are... um... needy of review by someone whose knowledge of RPM and
packaging goes beyond "cut&paste from specfiles and curse until the
stupid thing builds" :)

Gnome-shell is not in that repository yet; I'm still making packages for
the Zeitgeist stack. I'll get around to it.

But if someone wants to install these and give them a try, I'd love any
feedback you can provide :)


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