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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Evaluating GNOME related features
  • From: Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2010 22:46:19 +1100
  • Message-id: <4CFE1E8B.4020200@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 07/12/2010 22:08, Sankar P wrote:

What I showed in my screenshots is what someone installing Ubuntu[1]
sees after installation (except, of course, before, as I did, adding the
applications to the Launchpad on the top panel).

However, the desktop/workspace is "clean" - as my first screen shot shows.

What you showed in your screenshot is something contrived and
manipulated, something which has to be "fiddled with" to achieve and
requiring know-how as to how to achieve this from other users of oS
Gnome - such as yourself.

There is nothing wrong with this, but we are talking here about
attracting Ubuntu users, for example, to oS, right?

And what they first see is quite important, wouldn't you agree?

Yes. Who said it is not ?

I didn't.

But so far the only "voice in the wilderness" is you.

The image you showed is not something shown as a default screenshot of a
Gnome desktop/workspace in oS.

A somewhat similar default screen for openSUSE is: (if you use

The point is - and which you keep insisting on - is that something is the "default" screen for "openSUSE" (and "if you use Evolution" as well).

Think outside the square.

openSUSE is NOT the be all and end all of the Linux world.

From what I have read, Ubuntu is far more popular than openSUSE.

And you want to attract these Ubuntu users - like myself.

My earlier screenshot was just to show you can customize things.

The default screen - the basic one which appears in my my first
screenshot - is what people would expect when changing over from Ubuntu
to oS.

You proposed two things:

-> Different main menu: Which I explained is oldstyle and we have a better
menu. Anyways, gnome-shell is going to be the future default UI (not for 11.4) My
screenshot was just to show the desktop can be customized if some user wants it.

-> Clean desktop: I personally believe having access to home folder and
removable drives on desktop is more user-friendly for most users. If you have
strong opinions about clean desktop, please file a feature request. Or as I
suggested in my previous mail, please raise it as a pet-peeve.

At least this is my conviction.

What openSUSE wants to do to attract Ubuntu users is totally up to openSUSE.

All I did was make some comments (from an Ubuntu user's point of view,
and who used openSUSE since version 7 [in KDE format]. Nevertheless,
there will be other Ubuntu users who will disagree with what I stated.
This is of no concern to me. I am not the one who has to market openSUSE
Gnome to the rest of the world).

I don't understand what makes you so Grumpy. Your suggestions are heard,
respected and also replied. We welcome more suggestions as well, but just do
not expect everything to be implemented, unless you can prove they are
essential. Have fun :-)

You are definitely missing the point.

I am not out to prove anything, nor am I expecting to have what I am putting forward to be implemented.

From the start I stated that I would like to offer some comments.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Nobody likes them - fine. No skin off my nose.

Don't want to attract other distro users to oS? Fine with me.


P.S:My last mail to this thread.
Same here - as far as your are concerned anyway.


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