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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Pet Peeves in GNOME
  • From: "Sankar P" <psankar@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 05:44:07 -0600
  • Message-id: <4C3C9EDF020000E70000DB92@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 7/13/2010 at 05:01 PM, in message
Atri Bhattacharya <badshah400@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 14:26 +0530, Sankar P wrote:

6) Less wallpapers . "Get more wallpapers from Internet" menu does not
give a easy workflow . (same problem with "get more themes")

About the wallpapers, has several GPL and CC wallpapers,
it should be okay to have a package gnome-desktop-wallpapers-extra,
right? We should choose some 5 of the best wallpapers from here, keeping
in mind the styling concepts of openSUSE. This I can do, and push to
factory/contrib after a consensus on the wallpapers selected, notifying
corresponding authors, etc. Is this okay?

Actually there is one such package that is already existing. gnome-backgrounds

Shipping wallpapers via rpm will cause users to install the rpm everytime
(Upgrade from 11.3 to 11.4 or 12.0) We should be able to choose a custom
location in file-system as a source for wallpapers/screensavers.

7) User-unfriendly screensaver configuration dialog.

- First of all difficult to find. Should be available on the rclick menu on
desktop (like themes/wallpaper)
- Try setting your own pictuers folder as a screensaver source
- Try re-sizing the screensaver preferences window. You might end up getting
- Things like metaball/substrate are all really not screensavers

In addition to the above points, got reminded me of few more.

- The resize button (between minimize and close) is not really clear in sonar
theme. We wont know whether a window is already maximized or not, some times. A
two-parallel-window setup (like the one in XP/Vista) is a better one.
- No easy way to understand/explain the concept of keyring to a new user
- Close to impossible to see the list of stored passwords in keyring and to
change the keyring password


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