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Re: [opensuse-gnome] GNOME Team Meeting
  • From: Andrew Wafaa <awafaa@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 09:50:51 +0100
  • Message-id: <1274086251.2974.51.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sun, 2010-05-16 at 19:48 -0500, Bryen M. Yunashko wrote:
At the openSUSE Conference, we talked about what it was we needed to to
jumpstart interest in openSUSE-GNOME and how to get people interested in
coming to the meetings. I fear that the agenda you've laid out doesn't
address that very well.

I appreciate what you're saying, and I completely agree that we need to
engage the community better. The issue is you had your chance to object
and you missed it ;-P

As I mentioned previously, this agenda is just an initial one that we
can build on. As it has been so long since we actually had a meeting I
think we need to all know what is going on. We can then discuss how to
better engage the community.

Looking back to how I "accidentally" ended up in GNOME meetings, I saw a
meeting announcement by JPR, and I thought hmm.. Here's a chance to find
out new stuff about GNOME. I wanted to educate myself, and thought it
would be more of a presentation-style meeting. I was wrong but luckily,
I stuck around. :-) (I see a comment coming from Andy now about the
horrors now that I'm around.)

What you mean like how you linger like a bad smell? One of my aims is
to try and get the GNOME community back to the same level it was back in
the 11.0/11.1 cycles. We seem to have lost our way somewhat and we need
to just get on and do it.

I would suggest that the meetings be thematic. Back in the beginning,
we used to invite people from different projects to come and talk about
stuff and answer questions from general users. Those meetings had some
relatively decent attendance.

Before we start talking nuts and bolts in these meetings, which
intimidate those who aren't knowledgeable in this area, we need to talk
about general interests and build from there. And who knows, you might
be able to snag a new techie out of someone who initially didn't think
he or she had what it takes to get under the hood.

Please feel free to add your comments etc to the agenda, they are
perfectly valid and are worthy of discussion. There are many things we
need to do, but we need to start small and then grow.



Andrew Wafaa
IRC: FunkyPenguin.
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