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[opensuse-gnome] Why is it not possible to include Brltty daemon to The official Opensuse repository?
Dear core developers of Opensuse,

I woulod like to valuably and with highest respect ask You, why it is
not possible to include Brltty daemon to The Opensuse official repository?
Brltty is depend on libicui and other libraries and it is really not easy to
find compatible libraries to use brltty.rpm downloaded from The official
Brltty WEB site. Susbblinux screen reader, eventhough it can be downloaded
from repository, it supports only Com serial port and speech-dispatcher and
if visually impaired user want to constructively cooperate with Your
development team, without access to The console, it is not easy. For
example, setting The necessary new values by using gconf.

I would like to initiate constructive discussion about including Brltty to
The official Opensuse repository. I know, that console based screen readers
such as Yasr, Speakup are based on speech-dispatcher to be usable with sound
cart and with Espeak synthesizer.

Believe me, that i do not want to intrude You, but try to imagine, that
You are no sight and You want to access The Opensuse console. Not many new
computers are equipped with COM serial port and braille devices, which are
using COM ports will be ralely used in future.

If suseblinux is now more advanced and can use for example Tieman
Braille Voyager connected throught The USB port, please let me know.

By the way, i tested Suseblinux and i think, that it is one of The best
awailable console based screen readers for Linux in general. It is simple
and can reliably read many necessary information without user need to use
many complex functions, which can be inwoked by various hod keys.

But i found out, that Orca and Espeak are working reliably according to The
my attempts, when i executed Orca from The console. And somebody of You
modified Espeak and Pulseaudio, so The speech responsiveness is
approximately 50 or 60 percent better than while working with Opensuse 11.2
live CD Gnome.

So please, if it is not too expensive, would i please somebody of us to try
to prepare Brltty.rpm for Opensuse?

Here is direct download link for downloading latest .rpm Brltty package.

Source .rpm can be downloaded by using
Please keep in mynd, that triing to use rpm -i --nodeps .rpm
Package file will not solve issues with dependencyes. I did not tried to
install Brltty by this way while working with Opensuse 11.3 milestone latest
version, but if YOu did not include necessary .so libraryes, on which Brltty
depends on, it will probably not work.

Thank You for any advice.

With kindness regards.

Janusz Chmiel

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