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[opensuse-gnome] Some features to implement for 11.3
  • From: Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 15:38:42 +0100
  • Message-id: <20100202143842.GW1302@xxxxxxxxx>

Here's a list of features that I think we should try to implement for
11.3; those are mostly not-too-big tasks, so I think anybody could step
up and help. This list is in no way the complete stuff.

There are three categories in this list:
+ removing old stuff and migrating to the new "solutions"
+ trying to not install unneeded packages by default (that should help
with the livecd size too, and so we could add more useful apps)
+ offering a better user experience by tweaking various small things

Note that this list doesn't contain any very ambitious goal, and I'd
love if people would want to work on such goals (like improving the
login performance, or really solving the "install codecs in a legal way"
issue). So we can discuss other goals too :-)

Switch from beagle to tracker
=> Luis was working on this

Empathy as default IM client
=> again :-) Can we finally just do it?

archive mounter
=> really easy to implement. You can do it today, with a submission in
the build service.

at-spi2 by default
=> I think this is mostly implemented now, but this needs testing. Any

New notification theme
=> might be solved with the new notification-daemon release that will
be out at some point: there's a new theme there (slider) that we
could possibly use. Someone should investigate.

Only install a recommended subset of screensavers by default
=> the hardest part is that someone needs to decide which subset to
install. This doesn't require any technical knowledge.

Optimize preselection of games on GNOME livecd
=> this is similar to the screensaver thing. No technical knowledge
required. (Also, we can install games that are not part of

Drop glib/gtk/gnome 1.x stack
=> I was working on it at the beginning of January. It's nearly ready,
but there are 2 or 3 packages left to handle, and help would be
appreciated there. Ping me if you want to help.

GNOME LiveCD: look if we can remove qt
=> I had taken a look at this for 11.2, but this wasn't possible at
that time. It should be doable for 11.3, though. The first part is
some analysis that anybody can do by just launching the livecd. I
can help people start if needed.

Remove Hal by default on opensuse 11.3
=> I'd love to at least not have hal on the livecd

I'm publishing this list here so that people who were wondering what to
do can start actively working on something :-)


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