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[opensuse-gnome] GNOME status (30/04/2009)
  • From: Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 17:48:45 +0200
  • Message-id: <20090430154845.GG10754@xxxxxxxxx>

It seems the call for volunteers for mentioning bugs works fine: someone
mentioned a bug and it got fixed ;-)

More seriously, I'd love to see a bug section in the status mail where
we'd have some stats about the current number of bugs, and some
information about the new bugs that have been opened. And I need help to
do that.


A couple of things worth to mention this week:

+ the long-standing bundle-lang-gnome build issue on 11.1 (that was
also affecting G:S:2.26) got fixed.
+ ekiga (and ptlib/opal) are now maintained in G:F. I've updated them
to the latest upstream version. And I can see right now that opal
failed to build on 11.1 ;-)
+ fate#305318 is now implemented. This means that we should lose a good
bunch of rpmlint warnings about gconf schemas files being in /etc.
This lead to a few build failures, but I think I fixed all of them.
+ some minor version updates, bug fixes, package cleanups...

Note that next week we will see GNOME 2.27.1, which means quite some
packages to update. Are you ready for this? :-)

Things are building right now, but I think we have two build issues:

+ beagle-index:
- for Factory, it's still because xorg-x11-Xvnc is not there, but it
should come back
- for 11.1, we have "nothing provides gtksourceview-lang = 2.4.0
needed by gtksourceview". Not quite sure why this is happening, but
it should be fixable.

+ opal on 11.1, as already mentioned. We need a patch to make the code
less ambiguous, apparently.

Packages to update:

+ NetworkManager stack/PulseAudio stack: someone tried to update NM and
quickly gave up. I think we really need Tambet and Scott here.
+ epiphany: I gave it a try, but I stopped because epiphany-extensions
will fail to build. So waiting for upstream.
+ gnome-do: Luis said he'd do it, but no news.
+ gobby: I invested some time today to look at it. The packages that
are in home:FunkyM:branches:GNOME:Factory look mostly good. But I
think we might want to keep both gobby 4.x and gobby 4.99, and make
them parallel-installable since the new one is still in development,
and users need to interoperate with the old one. We can discuss this
on IRC.
+ libgda: blocking on
+ libtasn1: (no change) the new version removes libtasn-config, which
could break many things. Maybe we should create libtasn2 instead?
+ monsoon: Odd-rationale is working on this.


2.26.1 is there, thinks look quite good.

Stanislav mentioned some bugs:

+ the keyring daemon is still an issue from time to time. We need help
to debug this (stack trace is essential)
+ 100% CPU with vino. My guess is that this is
+ ask for password to reboot/shutdown. I have a ConsoleKit update to
fix this in home:vuntz:11.1-testing. Can people try it and confirm it
fixes the bug? (Note: this is also affecting 11.1 users using G:F)

We have some good documentation on how to use G:S:2.26:
Feel free to edit the page to improve it.

We also have a tracker bug for G:S:2.26 bugs:

osc gnome

Some changes were done in git to work better with osc 0.117.

Quite some discussion occured on how it could help us more to deal with
G:S:2.26, and I wrote some plans on how to move to XML for the
communication between the client and the server.

I'm also thinking about renaming the plugin to osc collab, to make it
clear that other teams could use it. What do people think?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press├ęs.
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