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[opensuse-gnome] GNOME status (23/04/2009)
  • From: Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 00:34:04 +0200
  • Message-id: <20090422223404.GI31369@xxxxxxxxx>

First, a small call for volunteers: if you see new bugs in bugzilla that
should be mentioned in weekly status mails, ping me.


2.26.1 has been in G:F for nearly a week and it's working fine, it
seems. So I pushed it to oS:F yesterday.

Just FYI, libproxy was split in two spec files (libproxy and
libproxy-plugins) to stop a build loop:
libproxy-libsoup-libwebkit-libproxy-libsoup-libwebkit etc.

Nearly everything is compiling in G:F. The two outstanding errors are:

+ beagle-index: fails because of "nothing provides xorg-x11-Xvnc
needed by tightvnc, nothing provides xorg-x11-Xvnc" for Factory.
Not sure if this is temporary or not...
The 11.1 build is failing because of bundle-lang-gnome.

+ bundle-lang-gnome on 11.1: it's a long story with
gnome-phone-manager, gnome-bluetooth, gnokii, etc. We need to figure
out what to do here soon.

Packages to update:

+ NetworkManager stack: I guess everybody is hoping Tambet will do it
+ epiphany/metacity: there are 2.27 versions there. Waiting for
G:S:2.26 to have 2.26.1
+ gnome-do: Luis said he'd do it
+ gnucash: we have a submission, I told the submitted to fix a small
+ gobby: I finally asked for help on opensuse-packaging to review
libinfinity. Once this is done, things should go smoothly
+ libgda: waiting for G:S:2.26 to have 2.26.1, I guess
+ libtasn1: (no change) the new version removes libtasn-config, which
could break many things. Maybe we should create libtasn2 instead?
+ monsoon: Andrew said he'd do it
+ pulseaudio stack: Scott will probably look at it.


Magnus will push 2.26.1 from G:F to G:S:2.26. He'll publish somewhere
notes on how he did it so it's easy to do again in the future (although
in the near future, we'll have 2.27 in G:F, so next time will probably
be 2.28.1)

Rumours say that the keyring bug that was hurting a few people is fixed
with 2.26.1 in G:F, so that would announce the end of the last big issue
in G:S:2.26.

We have some good documentation on how to use G:S:2.26:
Feel free to edit the page to improve it.

We also have a tracker bug for G:S:2.26 bugs:

osc gnome

No big change. Magnus is now hosting the script updating the database,
and it's updated a bit more often, which is great.

Future plans here include:
+ fixing the reservation system to be per project instead of global
+ possibly update the server side of things to send some XML instead of
some CSV that breaks each time we want to add some new data


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