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[opensuse-gnome] Default torrentclient in Gnome
  • From: Alan McGovern <alan.mcgovern@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 19:56:14 +0000
  • Message-id: <117799f00903241256s6d2536e5s59669c52250a8a00@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
(Sending again, i think it failed the first time)


I've read through the thread and all I really have to add is this.
Note, I am cherry picking quotes from different emails here:

Not much has happend upstream

What exactly do you define as upstream. Since Monsoon was originally
chosen as the client, there have been two releases of monsoon and five
releases of the backend torrent library. I have scheduled a bugfix
release (0.71) of the backend library to happen pretty soon, which
will make 6 releases of the backend. So if you're implying there is no
active upstream work being done at all, you'd be wrong ;)

and no other distros (that I know of) has made monsoon their client too.

 I can't comment on that. What I can say is that Monsoon is packaged
in a number of different distros.

The problem with using a unknown/unused client is that we are the only
ones providing bugs and/or patches. And since I have a strong belife
that most of us deletes monsoon for a different client, even less bugs
get upstreamed.

There are quite a number of users of the backend library who
contribute bug reports (and sometimes patches) and also a few
recurring contributors. So issues relating to freezing/crashing/poor
performance in the backend library have a lot more people than just
opensuse reporting bugs.

we should really not judge it based on the (small) duration between 11.0 and
11.1 (during which, frankly, monsoon did not end up a finished product).

Yes, I did concentrate more heavily on the backend throughout the 11.0
-> 11.1 cycle (as can be seen from the number of releases mentioned
above). There are currently two major GUI features planned for Monsoon
1) A smart queuing system (in progress in svn)
2) Addin support (patch to be contributed by a 3rd party in the near future)

What merits does Monsoon have vs. going with Transmission?  Are there  any
benefits?  Transmission is fully working today and has a tremendous amount of

It's worth pointing out that Novell will not ship any torrent client
with DHT enabled [1] due to legal risks. However for the 0.30 release
I'll split the DHT code out of monotorrent into a separate library
(3-5 hours of work). Then Monsoon can ship as 'DHT Ready', which means
it has the capability to use DHT but will ship with zero DHT code.
Then, using Mono.Addins, the DHT library can be installed and
activated seamlessly at runtime. This will provide a *great* feature
that no other torrent client provides out of box for opensuse.
Normally you'd have install a package from a 3rd party repository
where DHT isn't disabled. Transmission has no support for DHT to the
best of my knowledge.

So that pretty sums up my thoughts after reading the thread. If anyone
has any specific feature requests, bugs or general comments, feel free
to file a bug report on bugzilla so the ideas don't get lost. If you
want a general discussion, I'll keep responding here. Or maybe a
separate thread might be in order and we can keep this one for default
client discussions.


[1] I'm not actually 100% sure if dht is disabled in all torrent
packages in opensuse even though it should be. ktorrent and Monsoon
disable for sure. I'm not sure if deluge does or not. If there is a
torrent package shipping from opensuse repositories which does *not*
have DHT disabled, I'm sure opensuse legal would love to hear about it
;) I can forward the relevant emails from my discussion with them to
anyone interested, or you can email them yourselves.
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