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[opensuse-gnome] G:F status, osc gnome news & G:S
  • From: Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 18:07:04 +0100
  • Message-id: <20090319170704.GZ24217@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi all,

I guess it makes sense to send a quick mail about all this before the
meeting. We'll be able to discuss all this if needed during the meeting.

G:F status

GNOME:Factory has GNOME 2.26.0 (except for anjuta and sound-juicer, I
believe). The build against Factory itself should be finished before the
meeting (actually, it might be finished before I'm done with this mail).
The build against 11.1 will take a bit longer, but it seems it might be
done in the next few hours too.

Here's the list of packages we need to update:

+ epiphany/metacity: we have 2.26.0, but there are already some 2.27
tarballs. We block them for the moment.
+ g-wrap/libmcs: I filed drop requests.
+ NetworkManager and friends: we have permission from Tambet to update
them, but it might be non-trivial :-)
+ abiword: just appeared. It shouldn't be hard, except that I think we
should split abiword-plugins in its own package. There's no real
point in having both tarballs there, I think
+ gnome-do: shouldn't be hard. Any gnome-do enthusiast? I also saw that
there's a gnome-do-plugins tarball that we might want to package.
+ gnome-phone-manager: Magnus is working on it, iirc.
+ gnucash: same.
+ gobby: we have submissions for this. Help to review libinfinity is
welcome, since it ships with a system daemon and I don't trust my
review abilities for this...
+ gstreamer-0_10-plugins-farsight: I'm blocking this for now, since
some plugins were moved to gstreamer-0_10-plugins-bad, but we need a
new upstream release of gstreamer-0_10-plugins-bad for them.
+ libwebkit: any volunteer? Else, I might give it a try...
+ monsoon: I think it requires monotorrent, or something like this.
Someone should look at that.
+ rhythmbox: just appeared. Let me take it :-)

osc gnome news

While waiting for GNOME 2.26.0 to build (locally in my jhbuild, and in
the build service for packages), I worked a bit on osc gnome to bring
two new things:

+ the first one is self-explanatory:
osc gnome todo --project GNOME:STABLE:2.24
Yes. We can use osc gnome with GNOME:STABLE!
For now, the todo command will only list packages that are part of
the official GNOME release. If we want to update other packages,
it's possible with some small work.

+ the second one is that osc gnome is now completely independent from
oS:F and G:F: those projects are not used anywhere anymore in the
code (except for the default values, which people can easily change).
This means the plugin is getting more and more ready to conquer the
world ;-)

It's all in the git repo right now, and if it works fine after a few
days, I'll update the osc-plugins-gnome package in openSUSE:Tools.

Note that I need to change a bit the way reservations work so that they
are per-project. Right now, if you reserve gnome-panel in G:F, it will
also mark it as reserved in G:S:2.24, which is obviously wrong. I'll fix
this before next week (I might have time for it tonight)


With osc gnome working with GNOME:STABLE, it's now possible to easily
update everything that needs to be updated in GNOME:STABLE.

There are some questions to discuss (the meeting sounds like a good time
for that):

+ creation of G:S:2.26: when? And when it's created, should we move G:F
to 2.27?

+ what kind of package updates go in. I think it doesn't make sense to
do work on cleaning the packaging (this is something that should be
done in G:F) unless it fixes a bug. So I propose to only package new
upstream versions, or add patches to fix bugs.

+ handling of security issues: if there's a security update for 11.1,
we need to make sure the relevant patch also appears in G:S. How can
we do this?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press├ęs.
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