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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Removing a few application launchers
On Tue, 2008-11-04 at 01:15 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:

+ remove a few evolution items:
- agenda
- address book
- task list
We can keep "Mail and Calendar" in Office and probably "Mail" in
Internet. Although I'd love to keep only the first one...
Save to do IMHO, even RedHat (who once pushed for separate launchers)
removed the extra launchers in Fedora 8 or 9 already.

+ remove eye of GNOME? Do people really manually start eog? It's a bit
like evince, which doesn't appear in the menu...

+ remove most of the pulseaudio launchers. They're mostly confusing. It
might make sense to keep the PA preferences.
The preferences should go to the CC. Longer term I think we need a new
sound configuration/preferences app.

I'm actually wondering if we need to keep the launcher for volume
control since the way to access this should be the applet.
I have never used the launcher, so I don't really see any harm this
would cause, so +1 here as well.

+ we have lots of control center stuff appearing in System and
Utilities. We should fix this, I guess.
Yes please :)

+ hide epiphany bookmarks? (I know, it's not installed by default :-))

+ I think Magnus also noted we had 3 launchers for search (beagle,
gnome-search-tool and nautilus search). We should probably at least
hide gnome-search-tool or nautilus search.
I would hide both. the gnome-search-tool is not really useful anyway and
the nautilus search feature can be accessed from nautilus itself.

(I see I have ghex installed -- is this installed by default??? Doesn't
make sense to me)
I don't see it here on my beta3 installation but I wondered about this
"sK1" app.

The "System" category also shows launchers for "Logout" and "Lock
screen". Those should be hidden, too.


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