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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Video editing was GUADEC Report for openSUSE
  • From: Bryen <suserocks@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 18:00:18 -0500
  • Message-id: <1216940418.3408.42.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thu, 2008-07-24 at 23:46 +0100, Andrew Wafaa wrote:
On Thu, 24 Jul 2008 17:28:32 -0500
Bryen <suserocks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sounds awesome. Any chance there will be improved support for video
editing? Kino is pretty decent but not as easy to use/effective as
iMovie for Mac users. Cinelerra is too complex for general users.


Have you tried Pitivi? Granted it's in Packman, but it is built on the
Gstreamer stack and from the looks of things fits kind of in between
Kino and Cinelerra.



I looked at it briefly and it looked pretty cool. But the problem is
GETTING the videos in order to edit them. At present, only Kino with
its dvgrab backend seems to be able to import HDV vides.

And my experience in this matter is horrible. First I grab the video
from the camera which creates it as an .m2t file. (Not readable by
pitivi). A one hour tape takes one hour to copy to disk.

Then in order to view the video in Kino, Kino wants to extract the raw
format from the m2t file before it does anything. Okay that's another 2
hours of processing on the computer. And now I have two 10 gig
files, .m2t and .dv (raw).

Now, because there are no options in dvgrab --format hdv, I have to do a
zoom effect to get rid of the HDV bars on top and bottom of the video.
That's another 3 1/2 hour processing.

So, all told, we're looking at 5-6 hours per tape before I can even
start doing the "cool stuff." Go over to a Macintosh box and it is all
done instantly on the fly during that first hour. (I've got 15 tapes I
need to edit, so it is excruciating.)

I boast that they're wasting money on their glorified Macintosh when I
can do many of the same functions they're doing. But, when it takes 6
hours just to GET to that point, I'm not winning over any new customers
here. :-)


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