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[opensuse-gnome] openSUSE GNOME meeting (2008/04/03)
  • From: Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 16:04:39 +0200
  • Message-id: <1207231479.3596.91.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
People want to discuss building more community members and contributions
JP out next week
AI: schedule community contribution discussion April 17

Factory testing
Usual round of updates this week
Bad kernel update bug is fixed
No wireless at all for some people
Missing esound problem, will be fixed with a Provides:esound in pulseaudio
Other testing requests: xdg-user-dirs-gtk, packagekit, gdm

Google Summer of Code
We have a bunch of applications
AI: Federico to bring plan for accepting applications to opensuse-project
AI: federico1 to ensure we accept GSoC applications properly before deadline

Torrent default app decision
Monsoon seems the more dynamic app, good response from its maintainer
Transmission seems to have a better UI, actively developed, although a bit mac
BitTorrent-gtk very basic but should work for basic needs
AI: add both monsoon and transmission, monsoon as default
AI: suseROCKS to run tests with both apps
AI: FunkyPenguin to package Transmission today
AI: vuntz to move Transmission and monsoon to autobuild and drop

Policy review contains a huge table with the
gconf keys we change
Once completed, we'll discuss every change
AI: vuntz, rodrigo to define new policy patch tags

Wishlist review
Please respond to the thread, especially in the case of any new packages that
might be needed

Pattern review
After discussion on the list, we should be able to compile a list of packages
to be dropped from the CD pattern
For base patterns, bring up discussion on opensuse-factory

Main menu performance work
Magnus' 3-liner patch shrinks main-menu startup time by more than half
Main-menu is reading ~/.recently-used.xbel twice at startup, should be easy to
fix and reduce time by 0.1 sec more
Now starting up in under 1.5 seconds

GDM status
GDM not shipped in GNOME 2.22 is now up to 2.21.9, should be ready for 11.0
Test packages at
(might need the ConsoleKit package from that repo also)
Some configurability regressions still present, might be a problem for
Background image + gtkrc for login dialog for basic theming

Compiz/XGL update
'Enable desktop effects' option in appearance capplet now in FACTORY
Discussion upstream for a distro-agnostic fix, but will take some time
Need to decide on dropping gnome-xgl-settings once the functionality to switch
XGL/AIGLX is in yast
AI: vuntz to hack something quickly in gnome-wm to start the correct WM in all
cases (ie when the session is not saved)

PackageKit update
PK testing info is on the wiki now (
Test it and let Scott know of any problems

Patch upstreaming
Not much progress this week because of package review, but some upstreamed
patches were removed this week, so number of patches continues going down
756 patches still remaining as of today

Task update
suseROCKS will send confirmation for tasks when moving off RTM to wiki
Should we continue including task updates in the meetings? It should be already
covered in each topic
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo@xxxxxxxxxx>

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