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Re: [opensuse-foundation] Foundation Status

On 4/23/2011 at 10:40 AM, in message
<BANLkTi=_QFrP_GVZMsGKp=WuEjYzxtCa1w@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Manu Gupta
<manugupt1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All

I have been subscribed to this list for long enough and subscribed it
again only to know that I have already subscribed to it. I would
really love to know where are we at creating an openSUSE Foundation.
Any status / update would be helpful. Its been so long that I have
even forgotten the relevant links that were created if you can point
me to it / create a foundation portal on the wiki ( Is it a good
idea???) it will be great.

And if at all any discussion is going on, behind closed doors is not a
good idea when people who are interested in monitoring the status of
the foundation are already subscribed to the list.

I dont see the point of creating a list with no discussions.

The last discussion was on 11th Feb, before I subscribed.. not good.


There are 3 items that are currently being worked on that we should finished as
quickly as we can. Those are the Trademark guidelines update, the Branding
packages / guidelines, and the Strategy document. We need those as part of the
Foundation. Discussions for those have mainly occurred on the project and other
mailing lists; hence the low traffic here.

We're a bit behind on the openSUSE conference planning and will need to put
that as top priority - as soon as the conference date and venue gets set.
Accelerating the conference planning will take time and bandwidth from this
effort, but it's obviously the higher priority at this time. The merger has
slowed the process as well, particularly the area of the bylaws. I hope to get
that back on track in a few weeks. I continue look forward to holding our first
"members" meeting at the openSUSE conference and am believing that we can still
achieve that.

Please continue to help with the guideline updates and join the conference
planning, then we'll get back to the bylaws in a few weeks.


Alan Clark

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