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Re: [opensuse-foundation] membership, subscribtion fee and elections

On 2/6/2011 at 05:37 AM, in message <4D4E9609.1070906@xxxxxxxxx>, jdd
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Hello :-)

new subject, I think important.

we have to manage the foundation in a democratic way. That mean *real*
elections, known membership etc.

we *can* have several layers. from top down:

* a President, secretary or chairman, that is the one people that
speaks mostly for the foundation,

* a board, usually around 8 people

* a Commity (I don't know the exact english wording - "conseil
d'administration" in french)

* an active membership

* a membership

usually, for example in a sport association, the membership is the
people that makes sport as non professional, the active members are
the people that use to have interest on organisational processes and
association management, often they pay a bit more than the others.

All the members meet as a general assembly, sometime some members have
a different weigth in votes than others. they elect the commity. Bay
laws are decided from a special general assembly (Assemblée générale
extraordinaire) and with a special % of the votes (3/4, 2/3...).

The GA are held *in person* (physically) and procuration can only be
given to one people on a limited number (not to have one people
having himself a majority)

The commity elects the board and the president.

This system is pretty difficult to setup for us, because we can't
allow votes by mail (too easy to trick), and registered mail vote is
extremely expensive. Physical encounter is not possible, of course.

So we may have to say that the foundation is *not* managed by it's
lmembers, but by it's commity. This is perfectly fine in France.

bylaws, nominations, decisions are taken by the commity. Commity
members are coopted (choosen by previous members).

If the initial bylaws are correctly setup, this can be a good way of
life. For example we can have a 'constitution' saying that itself
can't be changed by less than 80% of the commity, and internal rules
modified by an ordinary majority.

The constitution can state than only 1/4 of the commity can be changed
at a time (all these numbers are example, not propositions), and than
the initial board (or a list of people) be member of the commity for
all they life and so on.

so, first question:

* do we want a foundation directed by it's commity or by all the
members (and if the second option is to be used, how do we identify
the members?)

We already have elections, an election process, members and a membership
process. We fine tune not throw away and start over.


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