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Re: [opensuse-foundation] Purpose of the Foundation; help refine the definition
Hi Klaas,

I like the changes you made. I modified it a bit and checked it into the wiki
page. I also refactored the original paragraph with this material and put it
under a "Summary Description". We may just delete it later, but I left it
there for now, with the idea that we may want a short description that fits
onto a presentation slide.


On 1/19/2011 at 09:44 AM, in message <201101191744.44828.freitag@xxxxxxx>,
Klaas Freitag <freitag@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Alan,

Posted on the wiki is a paragraph describing the purpose of the Foundation.

I had the same idea and was sending in a proposal last week, see here:
Seems that I had been pretty alone on the list at that point of time ;-)

I used the existing Wiki text and tried to enhance it a bit keeping
its original idea.

Here are my thoughts:
- 1st paragraph:
I think the openSUSE Project covers more than 'just' a distro. It is
the most currently, but that might change, and other activities such
as promoting free content for example should also be mentioned.

- 2nd paragraph:
I tried to be more accurate when it comes to trademarks.

- 3rd paragraph:
is about membership, again with a bit more accuracy.

- 4th paragraph:
actual purpose of the foundation, not sure if that says enough already.

- 5th paragraph:
The meaning of the Guiding Principles.

I am not claiming that this is a better or complete text. It's just a
proposal to line up some more details which should give a better
guidance for our discussion here.



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