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Re: [opensuse-foundation] Purpose of the Foundation; help refine the definition
Le 19/01/2011 02:22, Alan Clark a écrit :
Greetings to all on the Foundation ML.

Posted on the wiki is a paragraph describing the purpose of the

It's intended to be a precise description of the Foundation. A
description that we will refer back to often throughout all the
discussions and in building the official documents. Please take a
few minutes and review this description and comment on how it may
be refined.



I don't know if it's a good idea to use "openSUSE" in the name of the
foundation. It's confusing. The foundation may not be equal to the
community (hence the "foundation" name), openSUSE is a trademark by
Novell and may be we may have one day to change the name for whatever

I would so propose to avoid the openSUSE name in the name and the goal
of the foundation.

may be call it "green lizard" (or whatever you want) The goal should
also be much wider (the foundation is prone to live for many years,
who knows what will be the free software world in 15 years?)

"The green lizard Foundation assists the free software/open source
community to promote linux everywhere, including building a general
purpose Linux based Operating System, deploying IT infrastructure,
providing development ressources in hardware, software and manpower,
etc. The Foundation exercises administrative responsibilities and
legal controls to engender open and objective leadership, vision,
commitment and solidarity, empowering people to make decisions,
attracting additional companies to donate to the project, and
attracting a broader range of individual contributors. "

My idea is that the foundation should only be driven by a small subset
of the openSUSE community, mostly the more interested people that want
to be permanently involved. We don't want to have discussion like the
ones we see often in the openSUSE lists. My model is the free software
foundation, may be a little less philosofical :-)


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