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[openFATE 307862] zypper parallel downloading of packages
Feature changed by: Karl Cheng (qantas94heavy)
Feature #307862, revision 25
Title: zypper parallel downloading of packages

openSUSE-11.3: Rejected by Karl Cheng (qantas94heavy)
reject reason: Not done in time for 11.3.
Requester: Important

openSUSE Distribution: New
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Aris Karagiannidis (arkara)
Partner organization:

Now, i think that this is already done with apt.
What should happen is that zypper should download packages
concurrently and when it does download them all, then it should install

+ Relations:
+ - Practical steps to parallel downloading of updates (feature/id:
+ 318807)
+ - Evaluate libzypp thread safety (feature/id: 312840)
+ - Decouple download and installation (feature/id: 120340)
+ - Decouple download and installation (feature/id: 120340)

Business case (Partner benefit): Faster package management

#1: Lee Matheson (oldcpu) (2009-12-05 13:30:06)
IMHO the default setting for zypper should be (1) download and ONLY
after download of all selected apps/dependencies is complete then (2)

#2: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2010-05-28 12:28:20)

#3: Ján Kupec (jkupec) (2010-05-28 12:39:53) (reply to #2)
This feature and comment #1 does not contradict #120340 (parallel
download and install). First, even if we download and install in
parallel, we still can download multiple files at once. Second,
download-all-install-all can still be the default, while alternating
download-few-while-installing-one, can be enabled on request or in zypp
(er).config (like it is now with download-one-install-one).

#4: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2012-10-30 20:39:43)
Does Zypper still suffers from this?

#5: Michael Andres (mlandres) (2012-10-31 10:50:40) (reply to #4)
We still don't download multiple files in parallel.
But the MultiCurl backend (replacing ARIA as default since libzypp-
8.0.1) implements MetaLink and Zsync support. So we download multiple
portions of the same file in parallel from multiple mirror locations,
if the hosting server supports it.

#6: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2012-11-06 15:55:45) (reply to #5)
So my question now is: would there be any gain of speed to also add a
"parallel downloading of packages", or there's not point in doing that
since we already "download multiple portions of the same file in

#7: Michael Andres (mlandres) (2012-11-06 16:57:17) (reply to #6)
I don't know if someone measured it, but I don't expect a big gain when
downloading from a server supporting MetaLink/Zsync.
Of course if the hosting server does not support it, the gain would be

#8: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2012-11-07 18:46:34) (reply to #7)
Ok, so this means it still is a good idea to implement this feature in
order to obtain more speed. :)

#9: John Beranek (johnberanek) (2013-03-16 15:56:28)
Yum in Fedora is now doing parallel downloads, and what it appears to
manage to do is keep a limited bandwidth link (I'm talking 6Mps DSL
here) nice and full, as there's no pause between individual downloads
as a new connection to the download server, as there are typically a
number of different RPMs actively downloading at any time.

#10: Vincent Petry (pvince81) (2015-02-05 22:06:58)
openSUSE 13.2 is out, is there still interest for this feature ?
In my case I'm using openSUSE Factory as rolling release and as you
might know the number of updated packages is usually quite high. Having
parallel download would help speed this up. :-)

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