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[openFATE 310346] java development toolchain
Feature changed by: Tomáš Chvátal (scarabeus_iv)
Feature #310346, revision 8
Title: java development toolchain

- openSUSE Distribution: New
+ openSUSE Distribution: Rejected by Tomáš Chvátal (scarabeus_iv)
+ reject reason: This is feature asking for too many pies at once.
+ Some parts are already present. Oracle JDK can't be distributed due to
+ license, but as a final step someone would have to create pattern file.
+ Which is just list of packages, thus feel free to create that if you
+ still desire this feature.
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Federico P (ingchip)
Partner organization:

Since opensolaris "died" I'm looking for a platform perfectly suitable
for java development I'd need the last versions of netbeans , mysql +
workbench , mercurial + android + open jdk + ORACLE JDK All of these
components can be installed separately, but I'd like a distribution
"one click developer" Possibly with self - update of the last issues .

#1: x c (croco001) (2010-08-23 12:55:56)
That would be great! Many administrators still using Ubuntu or
something because the needed time to setup an openSUSE for a java
developer (or other programming language) is too long. It is not the
spended time to install commonly dev-software rather to configurate and
update. Annoying! Too much time. Sure that many corporations using
other distros.

#2: Xavier Callejas (xcallejas) (2010-08-24 01:50:56)
Hi, I'm a Java developer since years, and I have used SUSE/openSUSE for
java developing since years too. My production server environment is
OpenSolaris :s , I will testing Nexenta for this in the future.
- I use Netbeans (I always like to download my self because I would
prefer to get the last version, repos. not always has the last version
of Netbeans, but I understand that Netbeans is in the repos.).
- Glassfish (I also like to download my self, because the same reazons,
but there is always a bundle of Glassfish + Netbeans to download; do
not know if GF is in the repos.).
- Java (JRE/JDK), I do not use OpenJDK at all, I like Sun/Oracle
implementations. openSUSE has OpenJDK as stock, but I found very easy
to swtich with YaST software manager, just uninstall the OpenJDK and
install the Oracle one (this is in the update repo. or the online oss
repo, I think).
- MySQL: I always use the stock openSUSE version, it is so easy to
beging to work with MySQL in openSUSE.
I do not work with mercurial, do not know about Android either.
Just my two cents.

#3: Federico P (ingchip) (2010-08-24 11:35:34) (reply to #2)
I appreciated a lot Solaris because of its peculiarities dtrace zfs...
but especially for its  velocity with Java. So I'd really like to find
the same velocity with Linux
What I'm looking for and I still haven't found is an operative system
for developers. I'd like to have an interface where I can decide what
to use, what I need and then that is able to install everything I need
Maybe also with different manageable profiles. A support tool
consacrated to developers might be the best.
I don't know what could be the best , I only know that personalize
every time the development environment is always time wasting...

#4: Thomas Schmidt (digitaltomm) (2010-12-20 17:01:13)
It would probably be the best to open package requests for each of your
needed packages to be tracked seperately.

#5: Stephen Shaw (decriptor) (2010-12-20 21:17:30)
I'm starting to look into this. I'm not necessarily looking at
netbeans, but eclipse. I'm sure netbeans wouldn't be that much harder
once everything else is done. We could use some help/input. We'll be in
#opensuse-java on freenode and there is the opensuse-java@xxxxxxxxxxxx
mailing list.

#6: Vyacheslav Blinov (dant3) (2013-05-15 20:01:19)
It could be great to add Intellij Idea to distribution as well, since
they have open sources in GPL. Thats greatest Java IDE as from my POV.

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