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[openFATE 310945] extend chkconfig to dbus services
Feature changed by: Tomáš Chvátal (scarabeus_iv)
Feature #310945, revision 5
Title: extend chkconfig to dbus services

- openSUSE-11.4: New
+ openSUSE-11.4: Rejected by Tomáš Chvátal (scarabeus_iv)
+ reject reason: not in time
Requester: Important

- openSUSE Distribution: New
+ openSUSE Distribution: Rejected by Tomáš Chvátal (scarabeus_iv)
+ reject reason: Ludwig I am going to reject this on a ground of 0
+ activity in last 6 years. If as Release Manager you feel it is to be
+ done, just force someone to do it, otherwise i don't see it will get
+ done.
Requester: Important

Requested by: Ludwig Nussel (lnussel)
Partner organization:

chkconfig can be used to enable/disable init scripts and [x]inetd
services. e.g. chkconfig vsftpd on -> disable xinetd config and turns
on vsftpd init script chkconfig vsftpd xinetd -> turns off init script
and enable xinetd config chkconfig vsftpd off -> turns off init script
and/or xinetd config
A similar mechanis could be used to manage dbus system services.
Currently there is no way to turn off dbus system services. As soon a
package drops a file in /usr/share/dbus-1/system-services/ the service
activates on demand. Also, some can be started either via init script
or via system bus activation. Examples are avahi or hal.

#1: Rajko Matovic (rajko_m) (2010-12-09 02:25:06)
What is missing is answer on questions: 1) Why one would need to
start/stop dbus manually. 2) How it will influence automatic start?

#2: Ludwig Nussel (lnussel) (2010-12-10 12:40:17) (reply to #1)
this is about dbus services, not about dbus itself. The intention is to
be able to enable or disable autostart for services. Currently there is
no way to prevent autostart of dbus services that can be autostarted.

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