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[openFATE 320385] Let Zypper know the version number of openSUSE
Feature changed by: Karl Cheng (qantas94heavy)
Feature #320385, revision 4
Title: Let Zypper know the version number of openSUSE

- openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
+ openSUSE Distribution: New
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Philipp Bielefeldt (pbiel)
Partner organization:

All repo names in openSUSE are structured to have the version
number/name in it, such as openSUSE_Leap_42.1 /
(for 42.1); I do a lot of repo handling via bash scripts and I find
myself over and over again telling someone: "Here, this is a script to
install all the software you'll need right now… But you have to specify
your version string in the repo's name before running it" – 50% chance
I will get asked "What do you mean? Where shall I put what?!"
I think it was more convenient and less error prone if zypper commands
yould use a variable such as $osVersion that can be put to replace the
string. On openSUSE Leap 42.1
zypper ar -f$osVersion/ "Science"
would than automatically change to
zypper ar -f
and so forth…

Business case (Partner benefit): This feature would it make easier for admins to write
scripts that handle software management/installation on different
versions of openSUSE. It would also facilitate writing advice to people
on the internet (e.g. the openSUSE wiki) on how to perform certain
actions that concern repo management.

#1: Jens Grabinger (jensemann126) (2016-04-23 14:01:15)
Version info is contained in the file /etc/os-release. You can simply
source this file from your bash script and you get variables like $NAME

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