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[openFATE 322401] revert GTK3 upstream's HiDPI usability regression (undersized Firefox UI fonts)
Feature changed by: Karl Cheng (qantas94heavy)
Feature #322401, revision 3
Title: revert GTK3 upstream's HiDPI usability regression (undersized
Firefox UI fonts)

- openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
+ openSUSE Distribution: New
Requester: Important

Requested by: Felix Miata (mrmazda)
Partner organization:

Short story: post-GTK3 version 3.16, GTK3 builds of various
applications, such as Firefox and SeaMonkey (both built with default
build settings from ~rv46 and up), when used on Plasma 5, KDE3, TDE,
and possibly other DEs, using displays for which >96 DPI is
appropriate, do not utilize the font sizes specified by the DE settings
unless Xft.dpi, otherwise unnecessary, is explicitly set in the
environment. An upstream patch has been submitted that would revert
this unnecessary usability regression.
Upstream reports that provide more information:
UI text sizes no longer inherited from Linux system
status: wontfix
bad UI fonts in apps built with GTK3 toolkit used with GTK3 libs >3.16
status: official bug report not yet filed
usability regression: GTK+>3.16.x results in too small GTK3 app UI
fonts when logical DPI>96
status: open
Generate Xft.dpi from server dimensions at startup if not specified via
status: open
[REGRESSION][BISECTED] Recent change breaks HiDPI setup based on
calculated or forced DPI
status: wontfix
757142 contains a patch that could revert the regression.
As of now, the regression does not affect 42.1, but does affect all
newer versions of openSUSE. In 42.2 at least, the GTK3 3.16 packages
from 42.1 can be used as a workaround. I've not tried to install them
in Tumbleweed.

Business case (Partner benefit): Fonts smaller in Firefox UI than in other apps' UIs are
simply not acceptable both for usability and aesthetic reasons. Finding
and setting an appropriate Xft.dpi to conform Firefox UI fonts is an
onerous complication that shouldn't be necessary, especially for users
with multiple displays or who routinely switch among displays of
diverse densities.

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