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[openFATE 323357] seamless support for virgl/virtio-gpu on QEMU/KVM VMs using spice
Feature changed by: Aaron Dominick (zakhrov)
Feature #323357, revision 5
Title: seamless support for virgl/virtio-gpu on QEMU/KVM VMs using

Requested by: Vasilis Liaskovitis (vliaskovitis)
Partner organization:

virgl/virtio-gpu for qemu/KVM support exists since qemu 2.6
Guest requirements are met by openSUSE Tumbleweed: guest kernel >= 4.4,
mesa >= 11.1, xorg server >= 1.19
However the following host requirement is not met in TW/Factory: spice
server >= 0.13.2 Current libspice-server1 package is 0.12.8 in
The current workaround is to not use spice but to use sdl/gtk with
virtio-gpu/virgl instead, and is quite messy: - libvirt VM definition
needs to change: <graphics type='spice' /> to: <graphics type='sdl'
display=':0' xauth='/home/user/.Xauthority'/>
and add following command line args to qemu:
<qemu:commandline> <qemu:arg value='-s'/> <qemu:arg value='-display'/>
<qemu:arg value='gtk,gl=on'/> </qemu:commandline>
Also user's X display needs to be shared with qemu user/group: xhost
Note: For complete virgl integration, there are also some missing
pieces from libvirt (regarding cgroup permissions), which are not
accepted in upstream libvirt afaik (at least not yet), see:
More info on virgl requirements and integration:

Business case (Partner benefit): This would allow: - Seamless and easy usage of virtio-gpu
/ virgl driver in qemu/KVM openSUSE VMs. - Development of new virtio-
gpu driver features on openSUSE (e.g. next step for virgl/virtio-gpu is
to support vulkan API), performance comparisons b/w virgl and llvmpipe
mesa drivers

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Aaron Dominick (zakhrov) (2017-06-15 08:30:23)
+ All the stuff needed for libvirt integration of virgl is already in the
+ main tumbleweed repos with the exception of the spice library. We just
+ need to update the spice spice server to 0.13 and build the kvm stack
+ against it to enable virtio gl acceleration via virt-manager

openSUSE Feature:

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