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[openFATE 316439] User Management/Parental Controls
Feature changed by: Tomáš Chvátal (scarabeus_iv)
Feature #316439, revision 6
Title: User Management/Parental Controls

openSUSE Distribution: Duplicate of #307418
- Master status: New
+ Master status: Rejected by Tomáš Chvátal <tchvatal@xxxxxxxx>
+ reject reason: This takes load of resources to do and we do not have
+ those at the moment.
+ If you are really interested feel free to start writing this module for
+ yast, but it won't be planned by suse/opensuse.
Requester: Important

Requested by: John Moore (johnfm3)
Partner organization:

As technology becomes more in family lives, the ability to manage is
important. As a parent, what is needed is some way to govern computer
usage. Parents are not the only ones who could use this. But would be
the primary ones who would appreciate it. Currently KChildLock is the
only decent which is a KDE App, the newest Opensuse its written for is
12.2. It allows for one to choose between what times a user can log
into KDE, an for how long that user can be logged on. KChildLock has
one more really cool feature of governing how long a user uses a
paticular app while logged on, but that a bit over kill for what I
would like request be added to the Yast User module.
It would be really convient to add this to the User yast module. With a
longterm plan of administration via setting from LDAP. This way its not
a 3rd party app, but part of the OpenSuse distrbution default install
for those who want to use it.

- (feature/duplicate: 307418)

Business case (Partner benefit): If you google/bing search for Parental Control's, you
will find some purchasable pieces of software which you can install on
Windows systems. What you will also notice is this is a common issue
for parents an some system adadministrators of all OS types. Mac users
have this built in thier OS by default. An now 1 Ubuntu version is now
available. Many have had to come up with creative solutions to achieve
this goal including cron jobs an scripts.
This feature would make OpenSuse/Novel Suse more of a family friendly
OS which would be recommended to those who want a solid OS with
parental control available.

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