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[New: openFATE 323510] Better separation of duties between Desktop Environments and Yast
Feature added by: Ney Walens De Mesquita (nwm)

Feature #323510, revision 1
Title: Better separation of duties between Desktop Environments and Yast

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Ney Walens De Mesquita (nwm)
Partner organization:

Nowadays Yast has built in package installation and management. Whilst it does
make sense for servers or headless installations, it does not fit well when
using a desktop like KDE or Gnome. My suggestion is to rename the Yast software
management module to something in the line of "Feature Management" or "Advanced
Software Management". Ideally the desktop's default software manager, like
Gnome Software, would then be used to install, well, Desktop software. I can
see some advantages to this approach: - The desktop software manager is often
faster to adapt to new technologies like PackageKit, FlatPak, Snaps, etc... -
The Desktop experience is more consistent when using the desktop provided
software manager Yast software manager module would then be used for
Development pattern installations and more server related installations. This
would also open up for a separation of duties and less redundancy in the
distribution. The same idea can also be applied to printer configurations, it
does not look nice when you look for printer configuration and receive three
distinct options.

The last printer module should be used for servers only and be completely
removed from desktop focused installations.

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