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[openFATE 306978] Comment Delete Button
Feature changed by: Joachim Plack (jplack)
Feature #306978, revision 6
Title: Comment Delete Button

- openFATE: Evaluation by project manager
- Priority
- Requester: Important

Requested by: Hendrik Vogelsang (hennevogel)
Partner organization:

Project/Product managers and Screening Team Members should have the
possibility to delete comments to remove spam and improve readability
of features.

#1: Holger Dyroff (escubar) (2009-08-27 17:50:43)
It should not be necessary to actually read the comments to understand
the feature, so it might be smarter to edit the text, the use cases,
etc. instead of the comments.
Do we really have Spam as comments? I have not seen that yet, can you
point to a feature with it?
Deletion is too quickly censorship for my taste which should not happen
in an open community.

#2: Hendrik Vogelsang (hennevogel) (2009-08-28 14:38:00) (reply to #1)
You are right it might not be necessary to read comments to understand
the feature (what)  but its necessary to be able to give and read
comments about the implementation of the feature (how). At least we use
Fate this way to communicate about the feature. Communication has
prooven difficult in between all those chatter that happens in the
features ("me too" style of comments).
And i would say censorship would be the misuage of the feature im
proposing here. I rahter make the usage of Fate easier for the people
seriously using it  then worrying about them misusing it.
If you want an example look for instance at this feature: 306967 ;)
If we worry about loosing information then we might use a "burry"
technique like dig, /. or heise use. One that leaves comments there but
dont show them if they are under a threshold or something.

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