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[openFATE 311019] openFATE and Social Media
Feature changed by: Joachim Plack (jplack)
Feature #311019, revision 9
Title: openFATE and Social Media

- openFATE: Evaluation by engineering manager
+ Rejected by Joachim Plack (jplack)
+ reject date: 2017-06-06 18:03:22
+ reject reason: far out of scope
Requester: Mandatory

Requested by: Nelson Marques (ketheriel)
Partner organization:

openFATE should have automatic interfacing with openSUSE social media.
* All features should be able to be twited (twitter) and 'liked'
(facebook). * All added comments should be tweeted automatically.
By introducing such behavior we would expand the visibility of openFATE
and provide our followers/users with a updated status of what's really
happening, therefore showing the clear positive synergies around the
Community and fomenting user interaction with openFATE.

Business case (Partner benefit): Maybe because:
* We want higher visibility; * We want higher used feedback; * We want
higher user-interaction on the future of openSUSE; * We have nothing to
loose by creating such possibility;

#1: M. Edward Ed Borasky (znmeb) (2010-12-27 20:13:17)
Automated tweets, Facebook updates and LinkedIn updates are IMHO a dead
waste of time. Social Media "community management" just doesn't work
that way. Really, if you're going to do this, you need *humans* doing

#2: Carlos Gonçalves (cgoncalves) (2010-12-27 20:50:47)
I do not agree with the 'tweeting all comments added' one. That would
a) produce lots of unwanted noise (most likely to be considered as spam
by the majority) b) 99% of all comments don't have <140 characters

#3: Bryen Yunashko (byunashko) (2010-12-27 23:55:46)
I'm all for tweeting/denting new feature requests. but not for comment
postings. The few accounts I've subscribed to elsewhere on Twitter with
that kind of reporting I quickly turned off after a while because they
would drown out my other feeds. I would think long and hard about how
the targets would be implemented. I don't think I'd agree with Facebook
and LinkedIn as those are not places to read feeds the way we read
Twitter feeds. In fact, Facebook feeds have become downright a turn-off
lately especially with the likes of Zynga drowning out all the other
feeds out there. And, I would probably not twwet on the general
openSUSE account because that would lead to excessive spamming as well.
So, that means create a separate account for that. And if we have to do
that, did we really achieve the purpose?
All in all, I'm for anything that helps further reach our masses, but I
think there needs to be some thought into how this will be done
properly and effectively.

#4: Rajko Matovic (rajko_m) (2010-12-28 01:55:52)
Changed: Feature status to Marketplace. Reason: There is not much to
add or discuss.
Contact: Subscribe to opensuse-web@xxxxxxxxxxxx mail list and announce
that you are willing to work on this feature. To subscribe use this
link mailto:opensuse-web+subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxx (mailto:opensuse-
web+subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxx) .

#5: Jos Poortvliet (jospoortvliet) (2010-12-28 19:36:34)
tweeting and facebooking new features makes sense. Doing something on
every comment will flood the social media and kill any advantage it
has, so let's not do that...

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