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[openFATE 323347] FreeIPA support for (open-)SUSE
Feature changed by: Mikhail Kasimov (k_mikhail)
Feature #323347, revision 4
Title: FreeIPA support for (open-)SUSE

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Mikhail Kasimov (k_mikhail)
Partner organization:

Hello! Possibly, once upon a time, this be in (open-)SUSE official
repos, who knows... So, the idea is to add FreeIPA support for (open-)
SUSE distro to have possibility to install FreeIPA server and/or client
software from (open-)SUSE official repos and work with it via YaST
(possibly, some current YaST modules will be modified for that,
especially authentication modules). [1]
[3] Some info from ALT Linux distro (,
which also has FreeIPA support as like as Fedora in its repo: I can
install it via 'apt-get install' command as well as 'yum install' on

Business case (Partner benefit): To make work with FreeIPA "from-the-box" easy for (open-)
SUSE admins. Anyway, SUSE scheme is RedHat-based (e.g. /etc/sysconfig/,
SUSE Manager is familiar to RH's one and supports both native SUSE
servers and RH servers and so on). So, having the FreeIPA support
(especially as a client, for example) seems to be an adequate idea.

#1: Oliver Kurz (okurz) (2017-04-25 09:24:25)
Executing `osc se freeipa` (using the OBS client) I can find the
package already in some home packages so I suggest to contact the
maintainers of these home repos and offer help to bring it into

+ #2: Mikhail Kasimov (k_mikhail) (2017-04-25 22:23:44) (reply to #1)
+ Thanks to you for helping here! Once more -- ALT Linux FreeIPA packages
+ via apt-cache:
+ Can be useful to understand what can we have in (open-)SUSE (if we will).

openSUSE Feature:

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