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[openFATE 322036] Move logrotate.status to /var/lib/misc
Feature changed by: Frank Sundermeyer (fsundermeyer)
Feature #322036, revision 9
Title: Move logrotate.status to /var/lib/misc

Requested by: Thorsten Kukuk (kukuk)
Partner organization:

logrotate.status is in /var/lib. Which is a problem if the root
filesystem is read-only like for CASP.
Making /var/lib read-write is impossible without breaking snapshots,
rollback and transactional updates on all products, not only CASP.
According to FHS/LSB, no application is allowed to create single files
in /var/lib anyways, the correct directory is /var/lib/misc. Which is
writeable. So the logrotate.status file should be moved.
If we do FATE#322037, we will get this for free, since Tumbleweed has
already this change

+ Documentation Impact:
+ Admin/Tuning Guide

#1: Thorsten Kukuk (kukuk) (2016-11-24 13:28:41)
That's mandatory for CASP, else transactional-updates will not work at
all. Or logrotate will not work at all.

#2: Tomáš Chvátal (scarabeus_iv) (2016-11-24 13:32:30) (reply to #1)
Sure, can do. Either just the patch, which I would recomend ECOing to
avoid branch or by completing the fate#322037 in SP3, both work fine
from my point of view.

#3: Tomáš Chvátal (scarabeus_iv) (2016-12-12 13:59:48) (reply to #2)
We can mark this one as done as the requested update was included in
SP3 I suppose.

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