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[openFATE 323096] Load slideshow from RPM from the product
Feature changed by: Lukas Ocilka (locilka)
Feature #323096, revision 5
Title: Load slideshow from RPM from the product

Requested by: Thorsten Kukuk (kukuk)
Partner organization:

With converting DVD installation images from SUSETags to repomd, we
need a new location for the slide show.
The idea is, to agree on a naming schema, put the slide show in an RPM
on the media in the product repo and let the installer search for it
there and load it into the inst-sys.

#1: Kai Dupke (kdupke) (2017-03-20 17:55:40)
I set this to mandatory as we need the slideshow still.
How this is implemented I let you decide.

#2: Jiri Srain (jsrain) (2017-03-21 06:48:04) (reply to #1)
Loading from RPM is a way which allows use to get the slideshow from
rpm-md metadata without adding any SUSE-sepcific stuff.

+ #3: Lukas Ocilka (locilka) (2017-04-07 08:40:48Z)
+ I suggest using `extend`, the same approach as we use for password-
+ check or DUD. We even already have an API for that in Installer. RPM
+ can be even part of the install media repository. ${SHORT_PRODUCT}-
+ slideshow would probably make it.

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