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[openFATE 321028] To let zypper to search in by adding --global-search key
Feature changed by: Mikhail Kasimov (k_mikhail)
Feature #321028, revision 4
Title: To let zypper to search in by adding --
global-search key

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Mikhail Kasimov (k_mikhail)
Partner organization:

Hello! The idea is based on this discussion:
In particular: 1) "...there is no other way to install a package not
present in currently installed repositories, this is a serious
limitation in package management." 2) "Yast also has a package search,
the main difference is it will only find packages in supported
repositories (Unless you already have extras enabled)" 3) "does YaST
have key (e.g. --global-search) to search for packages in external, not
installed, opensuse-repos?" Wanna to request to extend zypper's
searching possibilities by adding key --global-search. If --global-
search is defined, zypper tries to search packaged not only in
installed repos-list, but also in database. To
prevent heavy SQL-requests like %, user must put more, than 4 symbols
in his search-request. E.g.: 'zypper se --global-search pyth' If -i key
is defined (search in installed packages only), --global-search is
ignored. Example:
'zypper se -i --global-search python' will search 'python' only in
packages from installed repos-list only, because there's no way to
install external package without adding target repo.

#1: Mikhail Kasimov (k_mikhail) (2016-07-16 15:05:49)
Due to our discussion with Simon Lees (see this branch
7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%22%7D): To put the notification to search-result
output: ============== # zypper se --global-search python-pcapy [1i]
version: x.x.x._x64 devel:languages:python (link-on-repo) [2] version:
y.y.y._armv6 home:bla-bla (link-on-repo) ... [10] version: z.z.z_x64
stable (link-on-repo) Please, note, that packages from home: repos are
always untrusted and packages from devel: repos can be risky, because
they are experimental. Both types can potentially damage of your system
stabilty. Install them for your own responsibility. ============== Here
[1i] -- is mark of already installed package version.
So, --global-search key doesn't offer to install packages. It only
shows the search-results with alerting, that packages not from
stable|official repos can by potentially risky in case of their
installation independently to s.o.o internal conception variations.

+ #2: Mikhail Kasimov (k_mikhail) (2016-10-14 12:26:31)
+ Test massage. Skipping...

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