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[openFATE 316517] 32bit version of padsp in 64bit openSUSE
Feature changed by: Ondrej Holecek (oholecek)
Feature #316517, revision 4
Title: 32bit version of padsp in 64bit openSUSE

- openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
+ openSUSE Distribution: Done
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Mircea Kitsune (mirceakitsune)
Partner organization:

I've been trying to fix a Linux game for which sound wasn't working.
After some searching, I found that I must run it with the "padsp"
command. However, the game is 32 bit and I run 64 bit openSUSE, so
"padsp ./game_binary" wouldn't work.
I searched for a padsp32 command and even tried to replicate the padsp
script, but the library for the x32 version doesn't exist in the x64
repositories. Eventually I got it working by extracting
from the x32 openSUSE repos, and manually launching the binary with a
LD_PRELOAD pointing to it. This is a workaround and maintaining it can
become problematic.
The existing library can be found in /usr/lib64/pulseaudio/libpulsedsp.
so and the script in /usr/bin/padsp. Basically, I'm asking for x32 bit
versions of these in the x64 variant of openSUSE, so any 32bit program
can benefit from them too.

Business case (Partner benefit): Only the 64bit version of padsp is included. Therefore,
only 64bit programs can make use of it. Including the 32bit variant in
the 32bit pulseaudio package for 64bit openSUSE would solve this

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Ondrej Holecek (oholecek) (2016-06-27 16:52:53)
+ This is done for Leap (
+ ( ), Tubleweed (
+ ) and hopefully for the
+ future.

openSUSE Feature:

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