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[openFATE 314963] Manage battery threshold
Feature changed by: Jan Ritzerfeld (jritzerfeld)
Feature #314963, revision 7
Title: Manage battery threshold

openSUSE Distribution: Done
Requester: Important

Requested by: Marc collin (collinm)
Partner organization:

Some laptop have tool in windows to decide when laptop stop to chargin
battery. This feature allow to increate life battery. This is a tool to
manage lenovo battery threshold. some laptops are supported by this
project tpacpi-bat some laptops
are managed by this one and have more features theses need acpi_call laptop sale are better than
desktop and lenovo are an important laptop seller. Include these basic
tool can make life easier for a lot of people.

#1: Stakanov Schufter (stakanov) (2013-04-10 10:31:12)
Running a Lenovo X201 with a 9 cell battery. The battery is now on 50%
after two years, this is a very short life time. I think a lot is due
to the stress of loading because it is used with an ultra-base. Mobile
computing gets more and more important compared to home computing. So
together with a power-management of the kernel that finally increased
in completeness and functionality in its last editions, this feature
would be a logical extension.

#2: Richard Brown (rbrownsuse) (2015-02-03 11:19:15)
This is already done in GNOME in openSUSE 13.2 and I believe also in
KDE, so closing this feature

+ #3: Jan Ritzerfeld (jritzerfeld) (2016-06-19 20:52:19) (reply to #2)
+ I doubt that this is true. The request is about battery charging
+ thresholds, i.e., at which battery level the hardware starts charging
+ and when it stops. I am not aware of such an option in KDE.

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