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[openFATE 307884] Yafaray instead of Yafray for Blender
Feature changed by: Dave Plater (plater)
Feature #307884, revision 7
Title: Yafaray instead of Yafray for Blender

Package Wishlist: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Info Provider: Dave Plater (plater)
Requested by: Rene Bernhard (rebe)
Partner organization:

As the Yafray render engine for Blender is not longer developed I
apreciate if you would replace it with the Yafaray render engine in one
of the next openSUSE versions. Or maybe it is possible to make a
package for the repositories to download.
Thank you very much for your efforts.
Best regards

#1: Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger) (2011-07-19 11:11:24)
Dave, what do you think?

#2: Dave Plater (plater) (2011-09-23 22:28:41) (reply to #1)
One of the main blender devs Campbell Barton said I should remove
Requires: yafray from the spec file for the 2.5x blender as it's no
longer used. I'll investigate your request but meanwhile you can take
blender-2.59 for a test drive, due to its python3-3.2 requirement it's
only available for 11.4 from :
python3 won't affect your python-2.x installation at all. I think that
blender uses it's own render engine nowadays. Lastly please excuse the
late reply, I had no internet access from end June to mid August due to
unfortunate circumstances and hermes never notified me. I stumbled upon
this request whilst looking at the hack week page.

+ #3: Dave Plater (plater) (2016-06-07 10:58:59)
+ Blender now has cycles instead of yafaray. See

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