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[openFATE 320630] Add devilspe2 to openSUSE:Factory
Feature changed by: Jonathan Kang (JonathanKang)
Feature #320630, revision 3
Title: Add devilspe2 to openSUSE:Factory

Requested by: Jonathan Kang (jonathankang)
Partner organization:

In many graphical environments when an app window (application,
browser, terminal, etc.) is opened and resized and positioned, then
closed. When that app window is opened again it remembers the size and
position of the window from the previous opening. It would be nice to
have the openSUSE remember the size and position of the app windows and
restore them after closing and reopening. As mentioned above this would
be browsers, terminals, yast, vm windows, utilities, apps, etc.
devilspie2( is a CLI application which
is allows expert users to create window size and position rules using a
configuration file (written in lua.
It would be nice if we can add devilspie2 to openSUSE Factory.

#1: Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) (2016-02-26 13:48:48) is there and waiting for
accepting - why this fate was created is a mystery to me.

+ #2: Jonathan Kang (jonathankang) (2016-02-29 01:43:44) (reply to #1)
+ Someone who replied my email(the one in your description of the submit
+ request) in the mailing list recommended me to create this feature. :-)
+ Thanks for the link.

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