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[openFATE 316956] Device Driver Manager for openSUSE
Feature changed by: Emanuel Castelo (two_dogs)
Feature #316956, revision 8
Title: Device Driver Manager for openSUSE

openSUSE Distribution: New
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: giuseppe rossi (hawake)
Partner organization:

Hi, i think that it could be useful to allow users to switch between
OpenSource/Proprietary drivers in use (if both are available obviously)
using a simple GUI created ad-hoc for the desktop in use (KDE -> Qt ,
GNOME/Xfce/Lxde -> GTK). In this way, if there is any kind of problem
with a driver a not-expert user can disable it or switch to another
Therefore i suggest to develop a device driver manager for openSUSE
that could be included in YaST, or as a desktop application accessible
by a non-root user (like Apper for updates).
In certain Debian (Mint, Ubuntu...) derivatives are using something
like this: [0]
Thanks for reading,
Bye hawake

- auto detect video card for driver install (feature/id: driver
management, easy to use, for new users)

Use Case:
For instance, think to the video card drivers. Recently nVidia, AMD and
Intel are improving their drivers but not always are the best choice
(especially AMD...).

#1: knight su (knightsu) (2015-12-02 07:08:54)
It would also be useful to allow users to switch between
OpenSource/Proprietary drivers during the installation phase itself.
Since many new users faced problems with the nvidia-plasma5 in openSUSE
Leap 42.1 post installaion.

+ #2: Emanuel Castelo (two_dogs) (2015-12-03 06:52:26)
+ i have seen mints version of driver manager in action, it is mostly
+ bullet proof, the only thing i see where it could be improved is in the
+ dealing with previous installed drivers thru any means, mints does not
+ do a sanity check that i can see.

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