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[openFATE 319865] Support for independent multi-desktop multi-monitor
Feature changed by: Sławomir Lach (Lachu)
Feature #319865, revision 2
Title: Support for independent multi-desktop multi-monitor

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: macias - (truemacias)
Partner organization:

IMHO this feature would not only be useful but would make OS really
different than other distros. I am talking about distro, and not this
or that Desktop Manager / Window Manager, because I think it would be a
killer feature worth switching from the any liked/used DM/WM. Ok, the
feature -- ability to setup multiple desktops and "pin" them down to
given monitor. For example -- single monitor, I configure 5 desktops.
When I switch desktop 1-5, I can see that desktop on my single monitor.
No difference here. Two monitors -- let's say I configure 5 desktops
again, but I attach 1-3 desktops to first monitor, and 4-5 to the
second one. When the OS starts, it selects the first desktops for each
monitor (1, and 4), and now when I switch to say, 5 desktop, the first
monitor still displays desktop 1, but second one switches to desktop 5
and gets the focus. Say I switch to desktop 2, the second monitor still
displays desktop 5, the first monitor switches to desktop 2 and gets
the focus. Possible use cases: * "Monitor" Dual setup -- define N
desktops, pin desktop N to second monitor, put there all "monitor"
apps, like temperature, weather, HDD space, news :-) and so on, while
pin 1-(N-1) desktops to first monitor for regular work. You can define
only 1-(N-1) shortcuts for desktop switching -- and you would get
pretty neat workstation with constant monitoring, without any conflict
between apps * "Viewer" dual setup -- pretty much the same as above,
but the second monitor serves as viewer for comparison purposes (some
drawing, schematics, book is opened all the time) and thanks to
separated desktops it will be visible all the time and it will be
unaffected by any conflict (you would have to switch to that desktop to
alter how it looks)
Currently switching desktops is done in sync, so this would be a major
step forward for power users (customization of the workstation).

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Sławomir Lach (lachu) (2015-11-23 10:00:40)
+ I'm unsure I was fully understand your idea, but I have got similar. I
+ have idea to provide more virtual console than standard and also allow
+ to switch active console on example first virtual terminal by pressing
+ alt + f1, when first virtual console is active. This key combination
+ also allows to send selected signals to foreground process group and
+ show process information for current terminal. That's similar idea?

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