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[openFATE 100011] Remove SuSEconfig
Feature changed by: Roberto Angelino (rangelino)
Feature #100011, revision 29
Title: Remove SuSEconfig

openSUSE-10.2: Rejected by Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger)
reject date: 2006-08-25 14:59:37
reject reason: We cannot remove all of it. We're currently looking at
individual scripts and improve those.
Requester: Desirable

openSUSE-10.3: Rejected by Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger)
reject date: 2006-09-20 17:15:47
reject reason: we cannot remove it completely for now. Thorsten filled
requests for single scripts.
Requester: Desirable

openSUSE Distribution: Done
Requester: Mandatory

SL-10.1: Rejected by Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger)
reject date: 2006-01-05 17:35:29
reject reason: not done for 10.1
Requester: Neutral

Requested by: Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger)
Partner organization:

Let's remove all SuSEconfig scripts since only YaST calls SuSEconfig
but other tools like rpm and zypper do not call it.
If scripts are needed, they need to be invoked as part of the

- Forbid new SuSEconfig scripts in autobuild (feature/id: 300890)
- Remove SuSEconfig dependency of syslog-ng (feature/id: 300891)
- Get rid of (feature/id: 300892)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.zmessages (feature/id: 300893)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.sortpasswd (feature/id: 300894)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.libxml2 (feature/id: 300946)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.pango (feature/id: 300947)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.scrollkeeper (feature/id: 300948)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.sgml-skel (feature/id: 300949)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.xpdf (feature/id: 300950)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.postfix (feature/id: 309055)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.gtk2 (feature/id: 309370)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.groff (feature/id: 311297)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.ispell (feature/id: 311298)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.words (feature/id: 311299)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.texlive (feature/id: 313535)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.fonts (feature/id: 313536)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.glib2 (feature/id: 313537)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.permissions (feature/id: 313538)
- Get rid of (feature/id: 313539)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.mailman (feature/id: 313540)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.ghostscript-cjk (feature/id: 313541)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.isdn (feature/id: 313543)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.cjk-latex (feature/id: 313544)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.prelink (feature/id: 313545)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.scim (feature/id: 313546)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.scpm (feature/id: 313547)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.sendmail (feature/id: 313548)
- Get rid of SuSEconfig.xjdic (feature/id: 313549)

Documentation Impact:
Remove SuSEconfig references in the manuals

#1: Gerald Pfeifer (geraldpfeifer) (2005-12-02 00:35:48)
Andreas, do you want to set some more concrete targets?

#2: Thorsten Kukuk (kukuk) (2012-09-20 15:26:24)
aaa_base and filesystem without SuSEconfig are submitted to Factory.
YaST2 developer will adjust YaST2.

#3: Sharque uddin Ahmed Farooqui (safknw) (2012-10-19 08:14:24)
It is going to be in 12.3, right?

+ #4: Roberto Angelino (rangelino) (2015-09-14 22:47:09)
+ Major partner is asking what the replacement is for this:
+ We hooked into it to run all of our linux-config scripts. I was just
+ curious how things get configured/re-configured now.

openSUSE Feature:

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