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[openFATE 319313] Keep showing running maintenance incidents to packager
Feature changed by: Stephan Barth (cyberiad)
Feature #319313, revision 2
Title: Keep showing running maintenance incidents to packager

Buildservice: New
Milestone: 2.7
Requester: Important

Requested by: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse)
Partner organization:

Package maintainers want to be able to see running maintenance updates.
Currently they see an update, which they have prepared only when: -
their maintenance update request is not yet accepted - they keep their
bugzilla entry open (which is referenced in patchinfo).
This is good for the "my work" view, which should only show tasks where
the packager has to act. But there is currently no easy way to see all
running updates on request.
There are two possible scenarios of not-yet-released updates: - open
incident, still building or collecting updates - frozen incident,
running release request (read being tested by QA).
The open incident can be covered by a search for patchinfos where the
user is listed as packager and where the project is not locked.
The frozen incident situation should be covered by monitoring the
request. There is fate #310145 which wants a generic monitoring of
requests. We can use this by adding the packager from _patchinfo to the
release request.

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Stephan Barth (cyberiad) (2015-09-08 11:53:56)
+ Since Maintenance hears that request regularly from maintainers we
+ would like to see this in the next Milestone. Thanks!

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