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[openFATE 318635] Installation-Update to newer versions without CD/DVD
Feature changed by: Per Jessen (pjessen)
Feature #318635, revision 4
Title: Installation-Update to newer versions without CD/DVD

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Nick Mantas (orion_0)
Partner organization:

My proposal is the development of a way to install new distros or
update to new ones without having to use CD/DVD. This feature can be
available within YaST or as a stand-alone program ,to be available for
use for other Linux Distros as well. You mount the ISO within the
program and the installation starts without having to burn a disk

Business case (Partner benefit): We all get excited when the new version of openSUSE
becomes avalable for download. We literally RUSH to the local computer
store to get a CD/DVD,or beg others to lend us one, in order to test
it... unless we have... Now imagine a program or a YaST extention where
you mount the ISO you just downloaded without having to to burn a disk.
Not only convenient but also eco-friendly as it reduces the amount of
disks and unnecesary waste!!
Proposed name: ISOtope (isotopes are variants of a particular chemical
element which differ in neutron number. Same here:same ISO, different
installation way)

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Per Jessen (pjessen) (2015-03-12 11:59:35)
+ I think what you're asking for is already well supported by openSUSE. I
+ have not burned an openSUSE CD or DVD in years. Many of my systems no
+ longer have a DVD drive, I install/upgrade over the network. If you'd
+ prefer downloading the ISO and install from there, that's perfectly
+ possible, I think you specify something like install=iso:///<filename>
+ or install=nfs://<url>.iso

openSUSE Feature:

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